A land of abundance, the Rhône Valley has always been linked to its emblematic local products. Wines, of course, make up a large part of these treasures, but there are many other wonders to be discovered, all with their own labels. French gastronomy is world-renowned, and is even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s built its reputation on a skilful blend of a unique art of living and magnificent taste experiences! You’ll love the “croque-sel” truffles after you’ve caved them, and the cheeses and sweet specialties that line the Rhône from north to south and east to west!
Discover how our chef will sublimate the best local products on board, and how you’ll enjoy the pleasure of taking your time in an idyllic setting.


The first traces of vine cultivation by the Greeks in the Rhône Valley date back to the 4th century BC. The Romans then went on to make the most of this unique terroir. As in many wine-growing regions around the world, it was a river that gave its name to the surrounding vineyards. The Rhône Valley is the last 300 kilometers of the river.
Magical consonances surround this region blessed by Bacchus: Syrah, Condrieu, Côte-Rôtie, Hermitage, Châteauneuf du Pape…
You’ll taste the finest reds and whites of the Rhône Valley, and have access to the finest champagnes and nuggets from the Burgundy vineyards, without leaving the south of France.
On board, and throughout your cruise, you’ll be served the finest local wines, and our cellar, a real place for sharing, will also have plenty of surprises in store for you!


The men and women who produce these magnificent products are endowed with unique, ancestral know-how. Come and meet them in a private, immersive setting, where they’ll tell you their stories, those of their fetish products, and how their family traditions are perpetuated.
Gain access to secret cellars, medieval wineries, authentic goat farms and hidden truffle fields, and revel in the unique encounters and exchanges that will make these gustatory moments unforgettable.
We offer you exclusive moments that you alone will experience alongside these artisans, far removed from impersonal group visits.


The Rhône is a ribbon of blue, a communication route since the dawn of time, favoring agricultural development and a historic frontier at the origin of medieval cities.
Today, however, it is still poorly understood.
The river is also a fragile ecosystem where flora and fauna, some of them endemic, flourish along its course. In the heart of this natural environment, you might come across a family of beavers in a calm arm, or a great grey heron fishing for its next meal.
Meet the master of the house, the gigantic catfish, which looks like it escaped from prehistoric times, amid landscapes worthy of the wildest places. You’ll navigate your way through these marvellous panoramas in a very “slow tourism” atmosphere.

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